Mercer Financial Wellness
Empower your Workforce to Achieve Financial Health — at Every Stage of Life

In order to be effective, employee financial wellness programs need to focus on all aspects of life — from everyday needs (paying taxes and budgeting for the household) to large bills (student debt and healthcare expenses) to long-term planning (home-buying and retirement counseling)— while being convenient and accessible.

A Comprehensive Financial Wellness Solution, Tailored to Individual Needs

Mercer empowers employers to materially reduce the financial stress of their employees with Mercer Financial Wellness, an easy-to-use, mobile-first digital experience that lets individuals feel confident, informed and optimistic about their financial wellbeing now and in the future.

Cutting Through the Vendor Clutter

Employers and employees alike are overwhelmed with the proliferation of financial providers. Mercer’s industry-leading research and expertise in financial services allow us to cut through the clutter of a saturated and growing vendor marketplace and select high-quality third-party resources for our clients, using our size as leverage to provide these vendor services at the best cost.

Guidance for Every Day and Every Tomorrow

Mercer’s engaging, mobile-first digital experience helps busy individuals identify areas of personal financial opportunity and offers access to best-in-class resources to help meet their financial needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Asset growth: Savings/managed accounts, retirement/transition counseling, rollover IRAs, robo-advice for savings outside of retirement plans.
  • Liability reduction: Short-term/emergency loans to address cash flow challenges, student loan re-financing, credit score access and awareness.
  • Income/expense management: Budgeting, financial coaching/investment education, tax guidance.

Translating Advice into Action

Mercer Financial Wellness experience bridges the gap between advice and action by providing a seamless connection with trusted vendors to address the unique financial needs of each employee. It works by delivering relevant, targeted nudges to employees based on carefully crafted rules, encouraging them to take actionable steps on their journey to financial wellness.

How Mercer Can Help

Mercer financial wellness programs help employers reduce the financial worries of their workforce while increasing engagement and productivity.

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