Edge With Better Organization Design | Mercer

Edge With Better Organization Design | Mercer

Organization Design

Increase your Chance of a Successful Organization Design Journey

Effective design and implementation of your organization structure can provide your company with a competitive edge. By structuring your organization in the right way to align with your business strategy, you can unleash the productivity and creativity of your talent – which translates into significant business impact.

But organization design can be a challenging exercise: Identifying the right design isn’t always easy, and the implementation process is full of risks and pitfalls. 

To increase your chance of success, Mercer can partner with you through both the design and implementation phases of your organization design journey.

How Mercer Partners With You

Develop a Winning Design

  • Translate business strategy into organizational design requirements.
  • Identify major gaps by diagnosing the current state.
  • Bring market practices, benchmark data, and other external references to inform the design.
  • Develop and evaluate various future organization options.
  • Facilitate key stakeholder discussions to drive consensus.

Increase the Chance of Successful Implementation

  • Develop an implementation roadmap with stages that are appropriate for the specific organizational context.
  • Identify the changes and actions that need to happen relating to people, processes, and technology.
  • Track and measure the outcome of the organizational change, and propose adjustments accordingly.

Mercer conducts approximately 100 organization design projects globally every year. Our 7-step approach focuses on linking the business strategy to the organization design and our team of senior consultants is skilled at guiding the decision-making among your key stakeholders. Find out how we can help optimize your organization’s structures to meet your unique business goals. 

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