Entrei na Mercer hà um ano e...

Na Mercer, uma nova oportunidade está ao alcance de todos.

Vê o que alguns colegas que se juntaram a nós há um ano têm a dizer sobre a sua experiência:

Ana Capela

Health | Tech Team
Highlights: Rotation in 3 business areas; ability to develop different skills; recognition for developed work (Meritocracy)

Maria Inês Henriques

Portugal Wealth Analytical Services: Ireland ITC’s

Highlights: A year at Mercer means a year of personal and professional growth

Reiniery Castellanos

Portugal Wealth Analytical Services: Strategy
Highlights: Implementation of new services; Development of new tools; Train new colleagues; Exposure to new lines of business; Remote work/flexibility

Beatriz Alvadia

Portugal Wealth Analytical Services: UK Admin & Ireland DC

Highlights: Team management responsibilities and work allocation

Inês Santos

Portugal Wealth Analytical Services: Ireland Actuarial Consulting

Highlights: Client Facing Service; New challenges everyday

Filipa Montenegro Stilwell

Portugal Wealth Analytical Services: UK Consulting DB

Highlights: Study Policy - CFA exam sponsored by Mercer; Daily contact with external markets allowing cultural and technical development; New training opportunities (Phyton course) ; Codiacs group (IT and Improvement Transversal projects)

Ricardo Henriques

Portugal Wealth Analytical Services: Actuarial Valuations Ireland

Highlights: Developed verbal communication and problem-solving skills. Short term rotation on a different service


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