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Company Information

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Our company is diverse at all career levels.


Question 3/18

Our organization tracks rates of hiring, promotion and exits by career level and gender.


Question 4/18

Our organization tracks rates of hiring, promotion and exits by career level, and race and ethnicity.


Question 5/18

Diversity targets are part of our DEI/ESG strategy and reporting.


Question 6/18

Our organization has a formalized pay equity and remediation process to address any pay equity risks.


Question 7/18

Our organization’s primary objective for analyzing pay equity is related to legislative compliance.


Question 8/18

Our organization routinely reviews talent management processes (e.g., hiring, performance management, succession planning) to identify and mitigate potential biases.


Question 9/18

Our organization measures financial wellness outcomes for different employees segments.


Question 10/18

Our organization has conducted analyses to identify gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, race and ethnicity-specific health needs in the workforce.


Question 11/18

Our organization’s commitments to DEI are publicly documented (e.g., in annual reports, on websites, etc.).


Question 12/18

Our organization gathers information from employees regarding their needs and obligations related to caregiving (e.g., child care, elder care).


Question 13/18

Managers in our company receive training to effectively manage flexible working and career development for all employees that need it, such as caregivers, returners, part-timers, etc.


Question 14/18

Our organization is focused on improving DEI and has a multi-year strategy and action plan in place.


Question 15/18

Our organization has an internal group (e.g., diversity committee, diversity council, diversity advisory board, specific resource/staffing) that is accountable for implementing and monitoring DEI strategy.


Question 16/18

Our organization has a Chief Diversity Officer, Chief Inclusion Officer or equivalent and a staff dedicated to DEI.


Question 17/18

Our organization sets DEI goals and measures on a regular basis.


Question 18/18

Our organization DEI strategy has a focus on:


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