Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation Is Just the Beginning

Your goal is to reach ERP software “utopia”: applications performing just like the demo, workers engaged in the process and ROI maximized. But post-production hurdles can prevent you from reaching your goals. Getting security to work as needed, running reports and managing the unexpected are common headaches.

Your Mercer team ensures your configuration is built optimally for your company’s requirements, structure and employees. To help you navigate your post-launch world, our dedicated consultants offer comprehensive support for:

  • All functional areas across each Workday tenant
  • HR Service Delivery with ServiceNow®

Mercer’s Approach to ServiceNow and Workday Support

Consider: 44% of companies receive less than half the expected benefit from their ERP implementation1 Why? Deployment partners often view a project through just one lens instead of considering all of a company’s needs. It’s like trying to build a puzzle with just the edge pieces.

People are at the center of everything we do. You can avoid re-implementations by considering your business, HR and IT goals — during and after launch. Our Workday and ServiceNow experts leverage our full arsenal of tools to help you do just that.

Here’s how we maintain our 92% customer satisfaction rate2:

  • Dedicated AMS team: Mercer’s full-time, multi-certified AMS consultants are quick to respond to your needs. As they don’t work on ERP implementations, they are dedicated exclusively to Workday or ServiceNow post-production support.
  • Experienced leadership: To help solve your biggest challenges, our most experienced implementation specialists oversee every ticket you submit. You also receive overall quality assurance from experts with years of Workday and ServiceNow experience.
  • Proactive customer success managers: Your satisfaction is the sole focus of your customer success manager. Think of them as a dedicated post-deployment project manager. Your success manager quickly addresses escalations and questions. They also assist with roadmapping and strategizing new functionalities to maximize your ERP system’s effectiveness in your environment.
  • Tiered support: You choose among four levels of support. Predetermined monthly hours and response times power each level. That way, AMS services are tailored to meet your needs and budget.
  • Knowledge transfer and training: You’ll have Mercer consultants who are your Workday and ServiceNow fixers — and mentors. Through custom documentation and meetings, we transfer expertise to your team so you can become self-sufficient. You will always understand the changes we implement and why. This approach frees up your workforce so employees can focus on priorities.
  • Transparency: You can always go back and see what a previous problem was and how it was resolved. To make this process possible, we log all of the data associated with our partnership.
  • Multiple channel interaction: You can receive interactive support through web form, email, phone or virtual meetings.

“[Mercer’s application] management services has been our support desk. … Six months in, I don’t know how we could be where we are right now without [them].”

Karen Gilmore, Solution Architect, International Mission Board

Why Choose Mercer for Application Management Services?

Benefit from and enhance your new Workday or ServiceNow environment from our tiered solutions. From go-live assistance to ongoing support, Mercer’s team makes sure your ERP solution delivers results you can see and sustain. We offer:

  • Customized support: There is no such thing as an effective one-size-fits-all approach to support. Your support from our AMS consultants is tailored to the needs of your organization. We offer hypercare, break-fixes, full platform support and everything in between.
  • Post-production expertise: For years, Mercer AMS consultants have helped customers successfully integrate Workday and ServiceNow into their yearly cadence. From open enrolment to tax processing, you can leverage insights gained from helping 200+ customers globally create effective solutions.
  • Breadth of knowledge across industries: From healthcare to finance to professional services and more, you receive application management services customized to your industry. We use our wealth of knowledge to provide best-practice and strategic insights for your organization’s specific requests.

ERP Implementation Support: How We Can Help

Connect with the expertise you need to be successful after go-live with Workday and ServiceNow. Learn how we help with:

  • Product roadmapping: Action plan creation according to the rollout schedule
  • Calendar management: Short- and long-term event preparation throughout the calendar year
  • Workday and ServiceNow update assistance: Guidance on releasing new configuration and integrations through releases, as well as testing your existing setup to ensure a successful update cycle
  • Break-fix and full platform support: Product environment configurations and functionality support
  • Knowledge transfer/training: Consistent training and knowledge transfer opportunities

1 “2018 ERP Report,” Panorama Consulting Solutions (2018).
2 Mercer Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

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