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HR Transformation

The High-Performance HR of the Future

Human Resources can’t expect to keep up with a changing world by standing still. HR professionals need to equip their operations, and themselves, to function in a rapidly changing global environment.

We think of the future of HR differently than most. Many obstacles get in the way of HR success: reorganizations, M&A, talent shortages, budget pressures, employee demands, and disruptive new technologies. But at Mercer, we don’t just want you to react to these issues — we want your HR team to become an essential business function leading the way in delivering bottom-line results.

HR, Designed With Purpose

We look to HR with an eye for design. How can core HR processes like recruitment, succession, and performance management be made more efficient and effective? How can HR become a valuable business partner, central to strategy discussions? It’s all part of HR transformation.

Great design doesn’t always equate to great practice. Mercer’s proprietary HR Operations Scanner® has shown many organizations where their HR service model is falling short or where the design is misaligned with strategy. With these insights in hand, HR was able to change their operations and become a value-adding strategic player.

HR Best In Class Teams

Organizations haven’t always adequately invested in their HR talent. With changes afoot in the world of work, this investment has never been more of a priority. Mercer can help.

With HR-specific assessment tools, workshops on trending topics such as “telling a story with data,” and strategic partnering, Mercer leads HR professional development. Self-learning tools in many technical HR areas, as well as in-house talent simulations and public programs, will equip your HR department with powerful new skills.

Human Capital Management: Workday and SAP

Moving to the cloud has never been easier. Mercer consultants can advise you on accelerating your Workday or SAP deployments, or implementing a new Workday solution. We can also offer up-to-the-minute advice on technology choices.
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How Mercer Can Help

HR transformation isn’t a one-time event — it’s a journey. Let us help you:

  • Make your HR practice work for your business through HR effectiveness.
  • Build a stronger HR team through HR talent assessment and development.
  • Transition to a more efficient system with HR sourcing and technology.
  • Get more returns out of your human capital management investments through our advisory and implementation services for Workday and SAP.
  • Patch holes or completely revamp your HR technology.
Workforce and Careers Services and Products

HR Capability Builder

Mercer believes that developing HR talent is the key to HR effectiveness. Learn how with the right HR assessment tool: the Mercer HR Capability Builder.

Mercer’s HR Capability Builder is a consulting approach, with a supporting technology, that enables an organization to assess, place and develop the HR staff critical to support the organization.

HR Cloud Readiness Assessment

A new HR system has critical implications for how you organize HR and for the managers and employees who interact with the HR function. Addressing these implications and effectively handling change, means choosing the best cloud-based HRM system for your organization.

Mercer’s Cloud Readiness Assessment allows you to identify gaps and areas of focus when preparing to implement the new system.

HR Diagnostic

HR plays a critical role in ensuring that the organization gets the return on its most valuable investment — its people

Mercer’s HR Services Delivery Diagnostic helps clients ensure that their HR team are prepared to meet changing business demands and deliver what is needed to get the job done.

HR Merger Acquisition Divestiture Services

Mercer provides a full range of HR Effectiveness services that support the HR function during a major change event such as a merger, acquisition or divestiture.

Our services include HR department and technology integration, stand up of new HR functions for spin-off organizations and support for the HR team's role in meeting value capture and synergy targets across the company.

HR Operating Model

Mercer partners with clients to improve the performance and outcomes of their HR function and to align HR's focus with business needs. We support our clients with a comprehensive set of services from HR functional strategy through to change implementation.

We use our HR Operating Model Framework to help guide clients with aligning their HR function with their business and people strategy.

HR Process Mapping

Mercer partners with clients to transform key HR processes with the objective of achieving a quantum jump in performance measures such as return on investment, cost reduction, time efficiency gains and quality of service.

HR process mapping informs refinement to HR organizational design and sizing, role clarity, hand-offs, reduction of duplication and overall HR transformation enablement.

HR Technology Assessment and Vendor Selection

Whether clients are looking to optimize their current Human Resource Management System, implement a new HR technology strategy or need help with an HR vendor assessment and selection, Mercer can help.

By applying a structured and unbiased approach, we work with our clients to develop an HR technology strategy that meets their specific needs, aligned with their business priorities.

Mercer Learning

Mercer Learning offers a comprehensive learning solution and training designed to accelerate the development of HR professionals' skills and competencies - both core and technical.

With Mercer Learning, clients have access to Mercer's world-class research and subject matter experts are available through E-learning Modules, Public Workshops, and In-House Workshops.


Mercer is much more than a deployment partner. We understand the Workday maturity lifecycle from pre-deployment to ongoing Production Support as a Service (PSaaS).

Most Workday customers implement this solution using professional services partners, not through Workday themselves. Therefore, clients look to Mercer for support before, during and after their implementations. Mercer leverages its global consulting expertise to build the system with the employees, managers, and HR users in mind, enhancing workflow and role/responsibility clarity.

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